Top 20 Gaming channel on Twitch 2024

You won’t believe how popular these channels are!

We are social animals and our need to communicate has given rise to multiple opportunities for businesses around the world. We like to socialize and make friends wherever we go, even if they are virtual, they still count.

Twitch is one such platform designed to build communities among people with common interests. Before getting into business, it’s important to make sure that you are aware of what Twitch is and why we are talking about it.

20 Most Popular Gaming Channels on Twitch 2024

20 Most Popular Gaming Channel on Twitch 2023


Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform where one can watch Livestream gaming videos, Esports, and any IRL broadcast. It is a platform mainly for gamers who broadcast their gameplay or activity by sharing screens with their fans.

Top 20 Gaming channel on Twitch

Streaming gameplay is very popular these days and there are many twitch channels that provide people with the gameplay of famous gamers.

Twitch channels help you build a community around games, music, cooking, or whatever your interests are. So, if you are into any of the things mentioned above, you would like to know more about such channels which help you come to life with your interests. 


It is the second most followed twitch channel with 9 million followers. The channel is owned by Michael Grzesiek who is a Canadian streamer and YouTuber. He is famous for being sharp at shooting and is known for playing first-person shooter and battle royale games such as Counter-Strike, Global Offensive, PUBG, Apex Legends, Escape from Trkov, Valorant, and many more.

  • He streams for 60 hours every week.
  • Do watch his gameplay to see some incredible moves


This is a channel owned by Richard Blevins, who is a professional gamer. It is the most followed gaming channel on the platform with over 16.7 million followers as of now. This clearly reveals the popularity of Twitch and its gaming channels. This channel streams games like FORTNITE, VALORANT, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, CALL OF DUTY, PUBG, HALO, APEX LEGENDS, etc. If you are a fan of any of these games you must check out the exciting gameplay of Ninja.


TSM_Myth has the third highest number of followers on twitch and is known for streaming FORTNITE games. The original name of the streamer is Ali Kabbani and he is a professional Fortnite Battle Royale player.

  • The number of followers Myth has on Twitch is more than 7 million.
  • The other game that he streams is Valorant.


Auronplay has almost 6.5 million followers on Twitch and is a very well-established popular youtube channel that has 10 million followers. The real name of this Spanish streamer is Raul Alvarez Genes.

  • His channel is the sixth most followed channel on twitch.
  • The game he streams is RUST which is a survival game.


This particular channel is run by Jaryd Russell Lazar who is an American twitch streamer. He is a retired Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who also played on esports teams like A51 and Mythic.

  • He streams various video games such as Escape from Trkov, Grand Theft Auto V, Valorant, etc.
  • The channel has 5.9 million followers on twitch.


El Rubius is a Spanish YouTuber and streamer.

  • He has 7.7 million followers on twitch and hence he is the 4th most followed streamer.

He is known for playing various games but the game that made him very popular was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The channel is owned by Nicholas Kolcheff who is an American twitch streamer and YouTuber. He plays games like Fortnite: Battle Royale, and Call Of Duty: Warzone.

  • He has 5.6 million followers on twitch.
  • He has also played for teams like FaZe Clan.
  • He has also won the 10th Streamy Awards in the category of live streamer in 2020.


The channel is owned by Turner Tenney. This twitch streamer has the fastest-growing twitch channel of all.

  • He is one of the most famous Fortnite streamers.
  • He is also an esports player.
  • He also streams games like H1Z1 and many other battle royale games.
  • He has a total of 10.18 million followers as of now.


This streamer has the fourth most watched Fortnite channel on Twitch. He plays many other games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, Overwatch, Apex Legends etc. but is most famous for his Fortnite gameplay.

  • The real name of the streamer is Timothy John Betar.
  • He has 6.5 million followers across the globe.


Image Any is the real name of this famous female streamer. She mostly streams the gameplays of League of Legends and Fortnite but also plays other games like Valorant, Minecraft, and Among us.

  • She is the sixth most followed gamer on twitch with 7.7 million followers.
  • She also has multiple youtube channels where you can know more about Any and her interests.


The channel is run by Brett Hoffman who is an American twitch streamer who plays Fortnite: Battle Royale and other games. He has streamed many other games including Fortnite but now he plays a variety of games including Among Us.

  • He is also known as DK.
  • He has 4.69 followers on twitch.
  • He is also found streaming Valorant with the gamer Hafu.


The channel is owned by an American streamer named Saqib Ali Zahid.

  • He had more than 2.2 million followers on twitch.
  • He started streaming with World of Warcraft and later on shifted to DayZ.
  • He then began streaming PUBG which gained him much of his popularity.


DrDisrespect streams his gameplay of multiple games like Fortnite, and Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4.

  • He is the fourth most watched Call Of Duty channel on twitch.
  • He is therefore one of the most watched twitch streamers.
  • His original name is Herschel Beahm IV.
  • He is also known for playing PUBG, Apex Legends, and Fortnite.


He is another famous gamer on twitch who streams Fortnite and Call Of Duty, Black Ops 4.

  • He is also known as Benjamin Lupo which is his original name.
  • He has a total of 4.4 million followers on Twitch and he streams other games like Escape from Tarkov, Apex Legends, and Among us.
  • He has also done associated acts with famous streamers Myth, NINJA, DrDisrespect, and many more.


He is a famous gamer who streams gameplays of mostly Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4.

  • He has one of the oldest channels on Twitch.
  • This channel is run by Thomas George Cassell who is also a YouTuber.
  • He was the first Twitch user to reach a sum total of 1 million followers.


This channel is dedicated to the video streaming of the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

  • The channel is run by the largest Esports company in the world.
  • It has a total of 4.7 million followers on Twitch.


The channel is run by Alan Ferriera who streams various games on the channel.

  • The channel has 4.9 million followers.
  • He plays horror games like Five Nights at Freddy’s.


The channel is owned by Chance Morris and has 3 million followers on Twitch.

  • He streams various games like World of Warcraft.
  • This channel ranks 11 in the number of views on Twitch.


The channel is run by Felix Lengyel and has a total of 5.8 million followers.

  • He is a Canadian streamer and plays games like Overwatch.
  • He has also played in the Overwatch world Cup several times.


As the name goes the channel is run by Adin Ross who streams games like NBA 2K and Grand Theft Auto V.

  • The channel has 3.9 million followers on Twitch.
  • He is a 20-year-old streamer who has great gameplay and is very popular.


Twitch has become an official platform for many gamers and many more to come. Hope you enjoyed reading about the best and most famous gaming channels on Twitch.

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