Best 15 free brain Mobile Games of 2023

Nowadays we are pretty much glued to our mobiles and ever since the pandemic with people being restricted to stay at their houses has tremendously impacted the mobile gaming industry making it one of the most popular means of entertainment along with the introduction of games with console-level graphics and gameplay.

There are games for every type of gamer like a shooter, building, puzzle games, etc. Moreover, you do not need to have accessories and set up to play games instead you can easily browse and download them from the play store or app store on your mobile.

In the sea of brainless entertainment and time passers, brain games are one of the most popular genres.

Best  15  free brain Mobile Games apps 2023

Best 15 Brain mobile games 2022

However, Brain games are not any new concept that is used to improve brain capability. They aren’t just about fun, these games condition our brains to become more active and sharp Memory retention, abstraction, divided attention, word memory, etc are what a good brain game has.

They help you empower the brain and build cognitive skills like memory, concentration, and decision-making ability.

In the booming field of “brain training,” there are lots of games that engage the neurons and toughen them, making people even smarter. Even some casino games, popular at gaming sites like Comeon India, can boost the functionality of your brain.

If you search for brain games on Appstore or play store you will find tons of games. But it is very difficult to find the best one from thousands. Here check out this list of the 15 best brain games to challenge your brain power and have fun at the same time.


Following are the best  15  free brain Mobile Game apps

Best 15 free brain Mobile Games of 2022


1. Lumosity

It is one of the most popular brain training games launched in 2007 and now with over 70 million players. The game gives you simple and fun puzzles to test your cognitive skills like memory, decision-making ability, and concentration.

It includes simple tasks from remembering things to making decisions in the train game. It is a free game available on Android and ios to play but includes some in-app purchases to get some extra features.

Just spending 15 days every day can help you become a critical thinker.

2. Elevate

It is one of the best brain game apps designed to boost your speaking skills, math skills, memory, attention, and speed. The game has 35 games, which will help you to strengthen your cognitive skills.

The Elevate provides daily brain exercises with three to five games, especially with the pro version. The most exciting thing is that each game will describe its goal.

You will get a monthly, weekly, and daily performance report making you will feel competitive. You can assimilate your performance with other users in your age group.

3. Left vs Right

This game lets you exercise both sides of your brain specifically designed to judge your awareness, brain activity, memory, sensibility, and so on.

It has 49 games divided into six categories to train your brain every day.

4. Peak

Peak is another cool app to train your brain that tests areas like memory, attention, problem-solving, and creativity skills. The players’ job is to create words from the letters displayed, paint tiles based on the numbers in the columns and rows, or tap faces showing certain emotions.

There are over 35 games and statistics of your personal performance. Four workouts are free which you can use to test something new daily and if you want more buy the pro version that opens 16 daily workouts, unlimited access to 45 games, replays, and relaxing challenges.

It works offline, which means you can play from anywhere without an internet connection.


It is one of the most challenging puzzle games which has a simple goal to bump two dots but can be tricky. You must draw lines, shapes, or whatever is necessary to get those dots together.

The game has a variety of tools like pencils and crayons of different colors and sizes to choose from. It helps you to develop your brain cells and improve your concentration while reading or writing.

It comes with a lot of levels and the difficulty increases with the increase in the number of levels. You get a certain amount of hints for free but once you’re out of hints, you need to either buy hints or get one by watching a short ad.

6. Sudoku

Sudoku is a game of numbers that you might be familiar with as it can be seen in newspapers.

The game involves observing, thinking, and planning which improves short-term memory and concentration.

The game is available online with varying degrees of difficulty.

7. Circles

It is a minimalist app from snowman having a single activity and a cluttered presentation. It is based on the classic ‘Simon game of pattern memorization which challenges the brain to watch and repeat a sequence of colored lights and sounds.

You can play against friends and a portion of the game download is donated to Alzheimer’s research.

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8. Tricky Test2

It is an IQ-based brain game that doesn’t test your IQ but it offers a few tricky quizzes to check you to see if you are a genius. This app has introduced a few puzzle games which have a series of tricky brain teasers that compels your brain to think more and focus on delicate matters.

You will be provided with 111 trivia quizzes and asked to solve those within the challenging duration. Thus, playing this game sharpens your intellect.

If you use it regularly, your IQ level will increase your focus, your critical reasoning ability will boost, and will push your creative thinking to a new limit.

9. Brainwars

It is one of the best and most challenging games which generates a competitive mode within yourself by putting against a hard competitor. Defeat them to rank worldwide. You can even invite friends through social media.

First, you will get some mini-games to train and the app will also guide and offer you challenges to find the present level.

This app will develop your observation skills, focus, concentration, mathematics, and numerical skills.

10. Eidetic

The eidetic game app improves the memory function of the brain. It uses spaced repetition and some compelling mental principles to build your memory.

In this game, you will pick something you want to remember and the app then uses different ways to interrupt you to quiz on it while keeping the data in the cloud.

This storage of data enables you to track your progress and train on different devices as well.


BrainHQ has 29 brain games with different levels of challenges. It is both a brain-related treatment program and a brain development curriculum.

The difficulty level will increase based on players’ progress. You will get various exercises that will increase your memory,  speed, accuracy, attention, navigation skill, and many more.

You just need to spend five minutes a day and can also personalize the program as per your desired field of interest.

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12. Crosswords

Puzzle games have been around for over a century often found in the newspapers and magazines to pass time. Now, these puzzle games are available on mobile as well. The crossword game app by Application is one of the best puzzle apps.

Actually playing these puzzles will benefit your mind by activating more cells.

This activity improves cognitive and analytical skills.


It is the right app if you want to improve memory, concentration, attention, planning capability, mental agility, and reasoning. You can also pattern the workout and compare it with the other players online.

Use this app for people who are already in the mental treatment and rehabilitation process.

14. Brain Out

Brain Out is a fun game where you have to go through tricks using your thinking ability. First, you need to find your IQ level and then gradually increase the level.

The game has a lot of puzzles and riddles which will activate your logical thinking ability, memory, reflexes, and concentration.

It has fun sounds and satisfying graphics which will attract the kids.


This is the best app if you are suffering from weaker memory and just need only 15 minutes of your day to complete the exercise.

After playing this game for a few days, eventually, you will notice improved memory and reduced stress levels. You will get 27 different kinds of exercises with 250 levels.

The app also has the feature to personalize your profile and monitor the progress to compare it with the group.


Sometimes it’s fun to keep your mind fit in a similar way you do exercise for the body. Whatever your goal is these 15 free brain game apps will surely help you. So, try these games out.



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