Rogue company is a free-to-play shooter video game developed by First Watch Games. It was published by Hi-Rez Studios in October 2020 for Microsoft Windows through EpicGame store, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The games’ Xbox X/S series was released in November 2020 and Playstation 5 series was released on March 30, 2021.

Rog Company is a top-secret Syndicate of elite mercenaries around the world. It features a range of playable characters named “Rogues”.This multiplayer tactical third-person game features objective-based modes and maps. The match has multiple rounds, with each round beginning the players to skydive from the aircraft into the ground where the teams compete with each other. In each round, players can use the money earned from previous rounds by completing tasks and eliminating players to buy and upgrade weapons and perks.

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There are a number of game modes in the game and in that extraction is the main. It is a 4v4 game mode, where attacking a team is tasked with hacking an objective and the winner of the round is the one who hacked or when all the team players have been eliminated. The strikeout is a variation of extraction in which players can respawn after being eliminated. The victory is achieved by killing enemies until they have no respawns left to strikeout. Demolition is another mode present in the Rogue game. It is a 4v4 mode in which one team must plant a bomb within a time limit and Wingman is a 2v2 game mode, where you Strikeout but with fewer respawns and teams of 2.


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There are currently 19 Playable Rogues in Rogue Company. The list of Rogues playable in rogue companies includes Anvil, Chaac, Dahlia, Dallas, Dima, Kestrel, Phantom, Lancer, Mack, Ronin, Talon, and many more. The rogue company games received positive responses from critics and publications. The game scored 7/100 in IGN and Nintendo  Life. Philippa Warr described the game as “Hi-Rez’s grungy take on a co-op PVP shooter”.Rectify Gaming stated the game, “Fully aware of the game still in the alpha phase of development, the build was an impressive show nonetheless.” and PC Gamer praised the playable characters and the game mechanics as “The carefree and casual nature of Rogue Company is a nice palette cleanser from more tense, tactical FPSes”.


The players need to select a particular rogue while starting the game as each role has unique abilities. Especially you need to select the outset because to unlock them you need to either spend real cash or grind reputation.

So to make the broad overview short, here I have split the six unique roles to know and understand them clearly.

1. Defender:

Defenders have the ability to defend the opposing team focussing on security objective locations and slowing the enemy’s advances. It lets you create space for your allies to set up and prepare for the attack like creating barricades to slow down enemies.

2. Breacher:

As the converse to defenders, The breachers have the ability to push towards the objectives. They can destroy enemy equipment and also disrupt the foes for a long time to rush in and clear up. There are two breachers Dima and Gl1tch. Dima is straightforward and uses a cluster Grenade launcher to push enemies back and take them out. Whereas Gl1tch hacks the enemy and disables their enemies’ abilities to destroy them.

3. Duelist:

They are a damage-focussed class capable of making good damage. There are two duelists named Scorch and Chaac. Scorch sets enemies on fire whereas chaat’s stim pack gives him an extra health boost to damage and fight enemies.

4. Intel:

Intel offers help for your team to gain information about enemy positions to turn engagements in their favor. It causes slightly lower damage potential compared to duelists.

5. Sniper:

They excel at causing substantial damage in long-range combat. Phantom is one of the characters who have access to sniper-rifle in the game. Its sticky sensors and nano smoke ability reveal enemies in a similar way to the intel class.

6. Support:

Support classes provide combat assistance to their teammates like it has the ability to heal or armor up the team. Saint is one of the best single support present in Rogues game.

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Best Rogue Company Tiers list:

There are mainly four tiers present in the rogues game. With each rogue different from the other, along with their abilities and skills make them unique in their own way. Here is a list of tiers to help you choose the best suited for you.

Best rogue company characters of 2022

1. S-Tier:

S-Tier is the top-ranked rogues in the game because its rogues have great abilities and skills to deal with any situation. Lancer, Saint, and Dallas come under S-Tier.


Lancer is one the most offensive and self-sufficient characters in the game. When activated, this skill will give her increased movement speed, quieter footsteps, and immunity to reveals for a limited time. She has the ability to roll and reload at the same time and there is never a moment where would feel that she cannot generate pressure. This is the amazing part of her kit because when the opponent takes time to hide, reload and escape combat, she will be already pushing them having reloaded. Lancer also has two smoke grenades which help her facilitate the position set up by herself. Moreover, her 24S SMG delivers blisteringly fast rounds that can quickly overwhelm foes in 1v1 duels, while her Striker 8×10 is particularly deadly when used to aggressively push enemy positions.


The saint is the only support in the game currently, his character has the power to revive the players with the help of a drone. Additionally, he has the only gun in the game to toggle into a first-person ACOG and also smoke grenades for defense purposes. He is best used on larger maps such as High Castle, Panama Canal, he can still be just as effective on smaller ones too. For those players who prefer reserved gameplay and can control aim over long distances, Saint is your best man. Although there is a counter that his drone can be destroyed by cancelling the revive, not many people know about it.


Dallas has the ability to locate the highest scoring player on the enemy team making him different and with that, he is a rogue bounty hunter that benefits the player if they have him. At the start, the target finder can track if someone is coming towards you or if someone is lurking around the corner. If Dallas downs his marked opponent, the ability will reset automatically. Equipped with either HRM-30KS assault rifle or Devotion DMR, Dallas has the capability of downing the enemies with headshots and he also has grenades to hide behind cover.

2. A-Tier:

A-Tier Rogues are all-rounders but don’t excel in a specific area. They are powerful but need a little boost to join the ranks.


Ronin is a duelist character whose loadout is perfect even if you are an amateur. She carries an assault rifle, which is an explosive throwing knife that sticks to the surface, and a grenade. She is a tactical supremacist amongst the duelists and her explosives come in use for flushing out enemies behind cover or to stop potential flanks.


He is an all-around damage master making him the best choice for players who are more into the destruction part. Dima has a solid assault rifle and a powerful submachine gun to fight down the enemies. However, all of these are skill-based because knowing how to position grenades and angles, cooking correctly, and being able to get them down from forcing opponents out of cover takes time and practice.


Talon is an intel rogue, a thrown device that pings enemies’ location on your radar. This ability provides real-time tracking of opponents in the dart radius. He has one of the best SMG that is present in the game similar to what lancer uses. Talon has mag gloves that can be used to pick up and reclaim the items from distance. But the only issue is the skill cap where players need to learn about the players, maps, and other skills to get the most out of the rogue.


Phantom is the company’s standard sniper class and her role is a little tricky. She has the unique ability to disappear and that is why she stands out on the list. But the only issue is her lack of consistency that is even if you manage to make a couple of kills the first person’s view drastically limits your overall vision often leaving you vulnerable to enemies’ attacks. So you should understand positioning and maps to succeed.

3. B-Tier:

These tier rogues are effective in many circumstances but have noticeable flaws.

Scorch: Scorch is one of the best duelist characters for damage with her ability to set enemies alight.When her ability is clicked her firearm and melee can set the player on fire, which she is immune to. The fire deals quick ticks of damage over time and is perfect for eliminating players that peak lanes and try to dip away with their lives. She is more of risk vs reward kind of character because of her overheating ability. Plus having grenades and immunity to boost her health makes her one of the best characters.

The Fixer:

Fixer is the new character to the game who has the ability to detect the players thermally making him different from others. He is equipped with a 0.50 cal sniper, has just two bullets in its chamber, and is likely to cause less damage compared to the phantom’s gun.


Chaac is a simple character to understand with a basic loadout, thus making it the best character for beginners. Chaac can self-revive when attacked and doesn’t thirst for the kill. The reviving time is similar to normal reviving time, so chaac needs to be careful when he falls. Lastly, his SKL-6 shotgun and D40-C SMG make for fast close-quarters kills, so always be on the lookout for aggressive opportunities.


VY  has the ability to create a cloud of poison making her a nuisance to the enemy players. The poison is bright green colored which slows down the enemies to do any stun. The poison along with an incredible grenade is the best weapon that will knock down even the healthiest rogues.


Dahlia has a danger close ability that helps to team up with an ally for the duration of a round, allowing her to pick them up whenever they get knocked down. She can revive them within a 30m radius of her and can also inherit any linked ally’s passive and use it for herself. The only reason she isn’t ranked high is that the players need to understand every other teammate’s passives to be effective in the game.

4. C-Tier:

This tier has more negatives than positives but is still effective when mastered.


Anvil has the ability to barricade and defend bombsites, but he struggles with being so visible. He is a static heavy armored control rogue and has the biggest hitbox, therefore often an easy target. The shield is also used as a roadblock in the game so that the opponents take a long time to take down. He has access to the MLX Maw LMG and C4, giving you plenty of opportunities to aggressively defend and snag those all-important eliminations.

However, players need to practice more in order to get the best out of the anvil character.

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Trench’s ability is mostly useless because he holds the best non-scoped AR in the game. His ability and equipment have let him down earning the least ranked rogue in the tiers list.

However, he is a solid defender and has HRM  which is capable of chipping down assaults before they get anywhere with 24 damage per round to the body. His zone of control is incredible with his barbed wire but it slows down him and his team players and can be destroyed if simply walked around the floor. Trench’s gun isn’t bad but needs skills to make the best use of it.


He is the newest rogue added to the list and has the ability to grasp hold of the nearest person to him making them visible to the whole team. This is an effective way of making sure that he doesn’t get snuck upon, even though it has to be manually activated. His ability allows him to detect equipment through the wall and can also disable the opponent’s abilities for a short time.


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