How to get Bangalore Heirloom in Apex Legends 2022?

How to get Bangalore Heirloom in Apex Legends?

Players who want to get weapons on Bangalore can now collect Unique Knife with an awesome weapon, banner pose, and a voice line. In Apex Legend’s new Chaos Theory event, the players can get an heirloom set of 24 event-limited cosmetics available in-game. Heirloom sets are the rarest cosmetics in apex Legends and not every legend will win the heirloom. During Season 7’s Fight Night Event, Gibraltar received the heirloom in the form of a flaming War club. The collection event was launched on March 9 and ends on March 23. During this time you can collect 24 themed,event-related cosmetics using apex coins or crafting weapons. So without further ado, let’s explore how to unlock the Bangalore heirloom in apex legends.

How to get Bangalore heirloom in apex Legends

Considered, the Heirloom being the rarest item in apex legends are most sought-after in the collection event. Bangalore Heirloom is a nifty little pilot’s knife that bends halfway up, which looks like a vicious weapon for the professional soldier and it arrives in the Season 8 Chaos Theory event. The general approach for unlocking the Bangalore heirloom is by buying 24 chaos theory event packs individually for 700 apex coins each. Each pack consists of one cosmetic item from the event and two non-event items. In short, one has to spend total coins of 16800 for 24 packs. Through this collection event, the players will get Bangalore’s knife as a completion reward. There are ten legends skin, eight gun skins, two gun charms, Two banners, and two skydives emotes to collect in the event. Only once the player collects 24 apex legends cosmetics will be rewarded with Bangalore’s heirloom knife.

You need to purchase $160 USD in apex coins to buy the full event. Assuming you bought two sets of ten and the last four for 700 coins each. You can reduce the cost by purchasing offers in a chaos theory event store. Typically, these event store is mainly for those who want to buy specific thing rather than buying the entire suite. After unlocking 500 apex packs you will earn 150 Heirloom shards By which you can spend for unlocking one heirloom of one’s choice. The set contains a banner pose as No Gun, No problem and an intro quip as “ Hope you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty.”


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Heirloom shards are extremely rare and can only be earned by players if they are extremely lucky while opening a loot box or will guarantee to get them in the 500th loot box.

If you saved heirloom shards from the anniversary event you can buy the Bangalore’s knife when it enters the event store at the end. For that go to the store tab and select the heirloom tab in the middle to select the heirloom you want to purchase with the available heirloom shards. In short, this heirloom will only appear once the event concludes, so save if you earned anything during the event.

Players can equip the heirloom and enjoy unique inspect animations and show off the new melee weapon.

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How to earn points in Chaos Theory event:

In apex legends, you can earn points in the chaos theory event to buy items. The best way to earn points is by completing daily challenges that appear in the challenge menu. To unlock every item you need to earn 5000 points which is equal to completing 25 challenges. Killing enemies, winning games, or completing battle pass challenges won’t help you earn points, you need to finish chaos theory challenges every day to earn points. The latest challenges available are reaching 250 points, playing 1 game, dealing 600 damage and getting a top 10 finish 4 times. Completing these challenges will reward you with badges that you can use to buy the Bangalore heirloom.

Apex legends:

Bangalore is one of the characters in apex legends. It is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and released by Electronic Arts. The game is set in a science fiction plot similar to the Titanfall series. The game was released on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One in 2019 and for Nintendo Switch in 2021

The mobile portable version for IOS and Android is likely to be released by the end of the year 2022.

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Apex legends have two gameplay modes such as Battle Royale and Arenas. In Battle Royale gameplay mode, 23-30 players can play in a three-person squad or two-person squad. The game starts on an island where players search for weapons, supplies and also defeat the other players to win. Over time, the play area starts shrinking and players need to keep moving to stay alive.

In Arenas, players fight against another squad to win the game.

Players can join their friends or randomly join other players and before the match, the players need to select from 17 characters. Each character in the squad has a unique design, personality, and abilities which makes one character different from the other. Once selected the character the players are placed on the aircraft that passes over the map and the jumpmaster of the squad will select the place to skydive. After reaching the ground the players can start searching for weapons, supplies, and other equipment that are scattered around the places on the map.

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The game system uses a non-verbal communication medium where players can communicate to other squad members about direction, location, and enemies. Over a period of time, the safe zone starts shrinking and the players need to move in order to avoid damage. The last squad with at least one member alive is announced as Apex champions of the game and players are awarded in-game currencies as well. The players who were knocked down can be revived by their team members.

Apex legends have nine seasons as of now and each season is intended to bring new characters and items to purchase. The game’s first season was started in 2019 named Wild frontier and the last season was in 2021 named legacy.

In addition to the seasons, there are events as well in apex Legends that offer unique themed cosmetics which you can buy in-game. Moreover, events also provide limited-time games and changed maps named town takeover. The first event was conducted in 2019 named legendary hunt and war game in 2021 was the recent event. Other events are Iron crown, Voidwalker, Fight or fright, Holo-day, system override, Lost treasures, anniversary, Chaos theory, and many more.

There are 17 characters in apex legends and most of the character designs are based on the titanfall series.

The characters include: Bloodhound,Gibraltar,Lifeline,Pathfinder,Wraith,Bangalore,Caustic,Mirage,Octane,Wattson,Crypto,Revenant,Loba,Rampart,Horizon,Fuse,Valkyrie.

Weapons available in apex legends are Assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, marksman weapons, sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, and other weapons types available supply drop weapons, fully kitted weapons, ordnance, and melee weapons.

There are five maps available in apex legends of which three come under Battle royale and two under Arenas. Battle royale has Kings canyon, World’s edge, Olympus and Arena has Party crasher and Phase runner. Read more:- Top 20 gaming companies in the world

The game received a positive response from the critics. In some publications like Destructoid the game scored 8.5/10, in Game informer score of 9.5/10, in GameSpot scored 9/10, and many more. The game also received many awards like japan game awards in 2019, steam awards,23rd Annual D.I.C.E.Awards, Famitsu Dengekii Game Awards 2019 in the year  2020, etc. Apex Legends is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC


Bangalore Legends has many abilities like smoke launcher, double-time, and rolling thunder. The smoke launcher has two charges allowing it to canister farther than grenades can be thrown. Upon landing the canister will split into three which lands in a perpendicular line and takes 23 seconds to evaporate.

Double time activates taking fire while running increasing speed for 2 seconds. Rolling thunder is a missile that lands in 6*6 square destroying everything under 70 meters ahead from the flare. The explosion deals with 40 damage and slows down the enemies. The heirloom set comes under the cosmetics items. The players of apex legends Bangalore can also earn badges such as Apex Bangalore, Bangalore’s wrath, Bangalore’s wake, Hot streak, and imperial Bangalore.

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