Who is TommyInnit? Twitch’s fastest growing streamer.

Who is TommyInnit? Twitch’s fastest-growing streamer from Minecraft fame


Who is TommyInnit? Twitch’s fastest-growing streamer from Minecraft fame


Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Markus “Notch” Persson in java programming language.It is developed and released by Mojang Studios in November 2011.Ever since its release, the minecraft has become the best selling videogame of all time with million of copies sold.In the game minecraft, the players explore, interact and modify procedurally generated 3D map made of one-cubic-meter-sized blocks.In addition to the blocks, it has infinite terrain, plants, mobs and items.Activities in the game includes mining for ore, creating new blocks and tools, fighting hostile mobs by gathering resources present in the game.It is an open ended model game allowing players to create structures and artwork on various single player maps and multiplayer servers.Minecraft also allows multiplayer mode where players can interact and communicate with each other in a single world.

Players can run their own servers using the hosting provider and connect directly to another player’s game through Xbox Live. Hypixel is the most popular server which has been visited by millions of players. In 2013 Mojang also announced another server named Minecraft Realms specially made to enable players to multiplayer games easily and safely. This game is made available in Windows, Xbox 360, Android, IOS, Raspberry Pi, Playstation series, Wii, Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo3DS, Windows phone etc.

The game was greatly praised by the critics, winning several awards including PC Gamer’s “Game of the Year” in 2010,Rock Paper Shotgun’s “Game of the Year”,Game Developers Choice Awards’s “Best Debut Game”, “Best Downloadable Game” and “Most Innovative Game Award” in 2011,Golden Joystick Award in the Best Downloadable Game category and many more.

The game has mainly five mode survival mode,adventure mode, spectator mode,Hardcore mode and creative mode.In the survival mode players must acquire resources to build the world and maintain health.

In the creative mode the players have unlimited resources to create and modify new mechanics and assets.In the adventure mode players could experience the user crafted maps and adventures similar to survival mode but with some restrictions.In the hardcore mode players is locked to the hardest settings and has permanent death.It is similar to survival mode and if the players die you can no longer interact in the game.Spectator mode is anothe mode where players can fly throught the blocks and watch gameplay without directly interacting.

It is also used in the educational environment of computer system, as virtual computers and hardware devices have been built in it.It enhances the creativity,problem-solving, self direction and life skills making it one of the best game for kids.Minecraft can be used to tell stories,support reading and writing skills,helps kids with math problems,learn teamwork and history,improve confidence and imagination and also help kids learn coding.

The player is the person which the user controls in the game.When the user starts the game, the player is put into the 3D world.The player can generate item using random or specified seeds and has a health bar with  hearts which diminishes by faal, suffocation, drowning, fire, lava, lightning, cacti, sweet berry bushes, magma blocks, Falling into void, falling anvils and hit by mob players and other players.

The health can be restored by eating food  and drinking portions.Depending on the difficulty level, the starvation depletes a player’s health and even kill the players.A player can also change their skin on minecraft.net or in the launcher in the java edition.

Crafting allows players in the game to create and modify  tools and blocks using items from their inventory.To craft, the players can use 2×2 or 3×3 grid blocks provided by the crafting table.

The minecraft’s world is a 3D grid of cubes to be created and modified by the player and these resources are extracted by hands or using tools.The blocks can be of different types such as grass, stones, ores.Players can also craft some blocks like table , furnace, etc.

Mining is one of the major feature of minecraft game and is done by extracting ore and other main materials from  below the land in the map.The ores extracted includes iron, gold, coal, diamond, redstone, emerald and lapis lazuli.However mining is done through digging a hole on the surface of the land or by going through a cave.

Brewing and enchanting is another feature present in the game where players can create portions from various ingredients and water using a brewing stand.The portions are stored in glass bottle and can be consumed by the player or thrown at mobs when needed to generate a certain effect.

Mobs are animals present in the game that attacks the players.Neutral world mobs attack only when provoked but overworld mobs contain mobs who are killed or bred with one another.The overworld mobs includes pigs,sheep, chickens, cows, horses and bats.Hostile mobs found in the overworld are Zombies,creeper, witches, skeleton, spiders and endermen.

End:It is another dimension of the game where the player enters the end portal found in the stronghold and fights the dragon.The end world has stones and endermen.It has tall obsidian pillars on top of which there are end crystals that heals the end dragon.

Who is TommyInnit?

2020 has become a breakthrough year for the gaming industry as lockdown has made people more into games and video contents. TommyInnit was one among who has grown over the past six months to become the most popular streamer and youtuber of minecraft worldwide.At the start of the year, Tommyinnit was twitch streamer with relatively modest followers with 26k followers.However in the past few months, his popularity has increased rapidly.His energy, priceless reactions and inappropriate jokes has been admired by the minecraft fans across the community.

Thomas simons best known as TommyInnit is a 17 year old  british youtuber and twitch streamer who has grown to fame with more than 5 million followers.His content consists of Dream SMP, mods, SMP Earth, Minecraft Championship, hacking, and Hypixel Skyblock videos. In September 2019, he was also given the YouTube rank on Hypixel.

Tommy started his own youtube channel when he was 11 to 12 years old  but people bullied him.So he renamed the channel and  privated all the videos on the channel.Later after a year, he started streaming on twitch which made him  2k followers and then he started ‘TommyInnit’ youtube channel.

He usually make videos where he plays minecraft enjoying the game and also playing with friends such as  Wilbur Soot, Quackity, Slimecicle, Tubbo and Ph1lza Minecraft.Before making videos, he frequently explored hacking on minecraft with his best friend tubbo.TommyInnit regularly interacts with fans, as seen in his Discord and Skyblock videos. He also regularly interacts with people on Twitter.

In January 2021, he live streamed the finale of the Dream SMP titled Dream SMP Finale with 650,000 viewers making it the third-highest livestream on twitch.

Thomas received Guinness World Records for  Most viewers of a Minecraft gameplay live stream on Twitch and Most followed Minecraft channel on Twitch.

Thomas participated in the Minecraft championship and played as part of teams such as Team Purple Pandas, Team Aqua Horses, Team Pink Parrots, Team Cyan Creepers, and Team Red Rabbits.Tommy also owns two other channels on YouTube, named TommyOutit and TommyVODS.

TommyOutit mostly hosted his stream highlights and the channel also hosted content from the series Blockworth, but Tommy later set the videos to private or deleted them.

How did TommyInnit become so popular?

Who is TommyInnit? Twitch’s fastest-growing streamer from Minecraft fame



Thomas’s popularity boomed in july when he joined Dream Team Survival Multiplayer server, co-run by major minecraft Youtuber Dream.The Dream SMP is a Minecraft storyline server that sees two sides waging war on each other to try and control the Minecraft world.Tommyinnit joined L’Manberg which is one of the minecraft world and helped in their war for independence but was later sent into exile for griefing another player’s home.Tommy started streaming  his activities regularly on the server.His videos involved adventures on this minecraft world where he and other members use mods to mess about.


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