Everything about New Among Us Airship Map

Everything about New Among Us Airship Map

Everything about New Among Us Airship Map

Among Us is an online social deduction game developed and published by Innersloth Studio and runs on the Infinity Game engine.This online multiplayer science fiction murder mystery game was released on IOS and android devices and for Microsoft Windows in 2018.Even though it was released in 2018, the game rose to fame recently during pandemic in 2020.Even though there was social distancing during lockdown socialising was allowed, thus increasing the number of online users.The game was well praised by the streamers and youtubers making it more popular.

The game was inspired from the  game Mafia and science fiction horror film The Thing.Among Us has now emerged as one of the most engaging and fun game to play online. Apart from its exciting murder mystery game, it is one of the best game to play with friends. Conversations with friends can get really funny and can relax you from your daily routine.It features the crewmate who departs the ship by completing various tasks and imposters who try to sabotage their progress and kill them.

The game takes place in space-themed settings with players taking the role of either being crewmates or imposters. The goal of the crewmates is to find the imposter, eliminate them and complete the task around the map and the goal of the imposter is to sabotage the place and kill the crewmates before they all complete the tasks.The players can eliminate the imposters if they suspect anyone through voting by initiating an emergency meeting if the player suspect  any crewmate to be an imposter or is found someone dead. Crewmate will win if all the imposters are eliminated and have completed the tasks.While imposter will win, if there is an equal number of Impostors and Crewmates, or if a critical sabotage goes unresolved. It is set on four locations such as a spaceship, above-the-earth base, planet base and airship.

Among Us either takes place in a spaceship, building, an air planer or an airship with two types of roles crewmate and imposter.The game can have a total of ten players online with up to two or three imposters. An imposters objective is to eliminate players and crewmates objective is to complete all the task which is in the form of mini-games such as fixing the wiring, emptying garbage, swiping an ID card, etc and also to discover the imposters and remove them through plurality voting. When a player dies he becomes a ghost who can explore the whole place without colliding on the walls. They cannot communicate with the living crewmates but can talk with other ghosts.

Recently the game created another mode called Slasher mode which is specially made for imposters. Through this mode, the imposter can slash the crewmates into halves before they complete the task. A sequel titled Among Us 2 was announced to be released by 2021 but was cancelled later and decided to improve the original version because of its popularity. Anyway, other forms of merchandise such as T-shirts and toys have been announced and launched.

Currently, the game is available in more than fifteen languages such as English, Spanish, Korean, Russian and many more. It can be played on Windows, IOS and Android devices free of cost. The game has received many awards as well such as the best mobile game and best multiplayer game in 2020, Golden Joystick 2020, steam award 2020 in 2021, webby awards 2021, etc.

At the start of the game the crewmate is given tasks to complete around the map in the form of mini games including fixing wires and downloading data.

Whereas imposters are given a fake list of tasks to blend with the crewmates.However, they can’t perform tasks but can sabotage the system, travel through Vent, help the other crewmates with work to kill them and they become a ghost who has no limitation to explore. Game can also be ended by players quitting the match if doing so fulfills any win condition because if a crewmate quits the game, their tasks are automatically considered as completed.

In each game’s lobby, there are options to customize the game.You can change speed, allowed number of meetings,number of tasks and cosmetic options.



By default among Us already has four maps in the version such as the Skeld which was the first map shaped like a turtle, MIRA HQ, polus, the airship, but the game has come up with new maps like Fall guys.



The amazing graphics present in Among Us are simple, cute and well-portraying space view.

Visible Ghosts:

Once the imposter kills a crewmate, they can be ghosts who can roam around the place. They can hide, complete the tasks and also help direct other crewmates from the imposters.

In-game chat:

It is one of the fun elements of Among us where you can chat while playing. Once a crewmate is found dead, the players can call for an emergency meeting to discuss who is the imposter i.e who is lying and whom to suspect and eliminate them on plurality voting.

New skin and collaboration:

Collaboration is fun where players can put on new skin like batman skin, Doomguy, Bloodhound, Venam, Predator, Tobi, etc. Other than that players can choose from twelve colours such as red, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, white, purple, brown, cyan and lime. Hats and pets were also added later to this version.

Cross-platform:- The cross-platform allows the players to play with friends online through various devices.


Maps available in Among Us:

Everything about New Among Us Airship Map


There are three maps available in the game and a new map named Airship.

Skeld:It is the most popular and the first map in among us and is the only free map available before 2020.It is setup within a turtle shaped spaceship and travel around the outer space.In the spaceship crewmates must find the imposter and complete the task to win.Almost every room in the skeld has tasks and vents.The map has Admin,Cafeteria,Communications,Electrical,Engines,Medbay,Navigation,O2,Reactor,Security,Shields,Storage, and Weapons.


It is the second map released in 2019 as paid content and is set on the sky base.It is the smallest map available in size and design thus making it more intense to play. The task locations available on this map are  Admin, Balcony, Cafeteria, Communications, Greenhouse, Hallway, Laboratory, Launchpad, Medbay, Office, Reactor, Storage.

Polus: Polus is the largest and the third map in the game released in November 2019. It takes place in a research base of the planet named Polus. Being a planet the map doesn’t have vent but holes. This map is ideal for imposters because of its large space which makes it difficult for crewmates to report the dead body. The lists of the task include Boiler Room, Communications, Dropship, Electrical Laboratory, Medbay, O2, Office, Outside, Specimen Room, Storage, Weapons.

New Among Us map :  Airship Map

Among Us game has come up with a new map named Airship that brings new tasks along with a refreshed art style and animations.Developer InnerSloth first announced the new map at the Game Awards 2020 back in December.

It was released on march 31, 2021 based on the Toppat Clan‘s Airship in the Henry Stickmin game Infiltrating the Airship , making it available  for free to all the players.The map was intended to be the among us 2 but the cancellation of sequel lead to adding the map into the Among Us.

Being the biggest map, at the start of the game players need to select from three spawn locations to make the journey little easier.The map is so large that it is difficult to get caught as an imposter.In addition to the tasks, there are a couple of rooms,movement mechanics, ladders and floating platforms.The imposter can sabotage Communications, Lights, Doors, and Avert Crash Course, which requires two people to enter the same code in two separate interfaces, either side of the gap room.

This free map includes:

  • New tasks including jewel polishing, emptying trash, and more

  • The ability to pick the room you start in

  • All new areas to explore or get murdered in.

  • Improved mobility with ladders and moving platforms

  • 21 new locations

  • 13 new free hats

  • 3 skins

  • One unique kill animation.

The Locations:

  1. Electrical:It is a little confusing and probably the worst part of the map because of its doors which tend to randomize every single time.The task here is to Calibrate distributor,Divert Power and reset breakers.

  2. Cockpit:Cockpit contains a vent at the left corner of the room and has an admin table.The tasks to be done are Accept diverted power, stabilize steering,download data.

  3. Vault:It is a circular room containing a large ruby, a mould of gold, a golden gun, a red halo energy sword,and several mannequins with clothing.The task here is to polish ruby, download data and dress mannequins.

  4. Brig:Brig is a large room that leads to the vault, gap room and engine room and the only task here is to download data.

  5. Security:It is a small room with three doors heading to the hall of portraits, outside and electrical.The task here is to rewind tapes.

  6. Medical:Medical is a large room with two sections which leads to cargo bay and electrical.The task is to download data and empty garbage.

  7. Meeting room:It is the place where all the emergency meetings are conducted.It also has three room divisions such as Gap room, emergency button and enter Id code.

  8. Gap room:It contains two ladders and moving platforms.The task here is to accept dieverted power and download data.

  9. Engine room:Engine room is large with entrances to left, above and right.Fuel engines, fix wiring, accept diverted power are the tasks to be completed here.

  10. Records: It is one of the rooms that players may start after an emergency meeting.It has a large, circular room consisting of four bookshelves, a table, and two brown chairs.

  11. Main hall:It is the room with three entrances and six rooms from where players may start after an emergency meeting.

  12. Kitchen:Empty garbage and making burgers is the task and it has a vent.

  13. Showers: Showercis a medium-sized room with the showering area cornered at one end.Accept diverted power, fix shower, fix wiring and picking up towels are the tasks to be completed.

  14. Viewing deck:It is a small room with fix light panels leading to outside.Download data and fix wire to complete the tasks.

  15. Lounge:it is a two-part room with an exit to the cargo bay.Clean toilet and fix wiring to complete the tasks.

  16. Armory:it is a V-shaped room with two small corners for putting away rifles and pistols.Put Away Rifles,Put Away Pistols,Accept Diverted Power and Download Data to finish the tasks.

  17. Cargo Bay:It is a large room starting from lounge and ending at medical.Fix wiring, fuel engines, unlock safe and download data here.

  18. Ventilation:Ventilation has a large gap and has no moving platforms to move from one place to another.Start fans is the only task up here.

  19. Communications:It is located at  the end of the map near the cockpit and armory where  the sabotages related to communications are resolved.

  20. Outside:The outside can be accessed either from the viewing deck or security and the only task is to upload data.

  21. Hall of portraits:It is a short hallway connecting the kitchen and the security and it has some pictures of the characters portraits.

Hats:- Let’s take a look at the new hat bundle available.

  1. Thomas Chestershire:it has two monocles with chains hanging down from each side.

  2. Mr. Macbeth hat:it is a tall dark green hat.

  3. Toppat Henry Stickmin hat:A navy blue top hat with a gold detailing.

  4. Toppat Ellie Rose hat:It is a light pink top hat with a purple detailing.

  5. Geoffrey Plumb hat:A small black hat.

  6. Fredrick Muenster hat:A top hat made of cheese with a bite taken out of it.

  7. Wizard Hat:It is a blue wizard hat covered in yellow stars.

  8. Dave Panpa cap:A black baseball cap with white writing.

  9. Ellie Rose Hair:A short, shiny red hairdo hat.

  10. Ellry mohawk:A large red mohawk hat.

  11. Right Hand Man hat and mustache:A wide-brimmed black top hat with a big red mustache.

  12. Sven Svensson hat:A small blue top hat with layered blond hair underneath.

  13. Burt Curtis hat:A black top hat and a brown headset.


There are three new skins available in the Airship map bundle.

  • Prisoner skin:It is an orange jumpsuit with white lettering.It is a perfect outfit to wear after successfully escaping from prison with a rocket launcher.

  • CCC Skin:Center for chaos containment chief is a black outfit with a blue jacket and gold badge.

  • Right hand man reborn skin: It is a unique skin which turns half of crewmate or imposters body robotic.

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